Yoga Videos

There is nothing quite like coming to class. The community, the energy of the other students, and the guidance of the teacher. Busy lives can make it tricky to get to class, so it might be easier to practise yoga at home. But where to start?

These videos are to help Yoga with Emma students keep up their yoga practice at home. Each one is password protected for safety and insurance reasons, so please get in touch via email, Facebook, or speak to Emma in class if you would like to access one of the videos below.

‘Wake Up’ Yoga

Finally... our first video! It’s taken a few attempts but here we are. Editing is very limited (in both equipment and skill) so what you see is what you get!

We’ve started with a 20 minute ‘Wake Up’ yoga sequence. This is often requested by students who recognise the benefits of yoga in getting us moving and energised at the start of the day. Please be mindful of your body, take your time and read the health and safety advice below. Enjoy! 

Yoga at Home - Class 1

Helping Yoga with Emma students get on the mat at home! There might be times when you miss your regular classes, due to holidays or maybe a particularly busy time at work or home. Running around between commitments often leaves us in need of a good stretch.

This 40 minute video class guides you through well-known poses and exercises, and there’s time at the end to enjoy a restful Shavasana. Take your time, listen to your body, and remind yourself of the health and safety advice.

Yoga at Home - Class 2

Another video class to help Yoga with Emma students keep up their practice at home. This 40 minute class works on familiar poses from class, and focuses on easing into the exercises, not always pushing to maximum effort right away.

Doing yoga at home is not the same as being guided by a teacher in class, so listen to your body, remind yourself of the health and safety advice, and remember that it is fine to take a break at any time.

NEW Videos!

Out next set of videos focuses on the elements. You may remember working through these in class, learning a bit about how yoga poses can connect with a particular element. There’s no need to do these in order, and you might find some suit you better than others, but using these themes ensures we cover a good range of exercises in this set of videos.

As ever, please note that these videos are only for registered Yoga with Emma students. Please also remember that following video is not the same as being guided by a teacher in class. Listen to your body, be prepared to pause as needed, and ask Emma if you have any queries.

Earth Element Yoga

The Earth element represents safety, foundation and security. It relates to strong, grounding poses, with feet firmly planted. Warrior poses, a strong Tree balance, and a safe, restful Child’s pose, are all included in this class.

Water Element Yoga


Summer 2019

Fire Element Yoga


Summer 2019

Air Element Yoga


Summer 2019


videos shared here are produced for Yoga with Emma students, who are familiar with the exercises involved. they are password-protected.

students are reminded to work within their own capabilities: in an unsupervised setting,you are performing these exercises at your own risk.

Be mindful of health conditions and injuries and consult a medical professional if you have concerns. Yoga with Emma cannot be responsible for any injury sustained as a result of using videos shared on our website.Stay safe and enjoy your yoga!