Yoga in Schools


Yoga has a great many benefits - physical, mental and emotional - and can help us all to manage the stresses and difficulties of daily life. Like other mindful activities, hobbies or sports, it provides a chance to switch off and take care of the body and mind. This can be true for children and teenagers, just as for adults, particularly with pressures of examinations, worries about the future, and increasingly complex relationships with technology.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Emma’s work is teaching a few classes each week at a local school. These pupils come to yoga for a variety of reasons, and have been refreshingly open to trying something new. Some have made yoga or yoga-based exercises a more regular part of their schedule as a result of the classes.

If you are interested in a yoga session for a group at your school, a youth group or perhaps your own child, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Emma has completed specific ‘Yoga for Teenagers’ training and was also a classroom teacher for ten years. Even a single yoga session to develop some relaxation skills and basic stretches could really help combat exam stress and long days studying at a desk, plus help develop healthy habits for later life.

From September, Yoga with Emma will be working with The Breathing Space, a new wellness centre in Dorchester, offering monthly Teen Yoga sessions. Find out more and book a space for your teenager here.