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Yoga with Emma has recently reviewed the pricing and attendance policies. In order to manage the increasing popularity of the classes, all mixed-level evening sessions are now run on a system of block bookings. Students are required to pay £30 to reserve their space for five consecutive classes. If a student needs to miss a class, this cannot be refunded, but it may be possible to attend another session in the same week. In the case of long-term absence but a planned return, please discuss this as there will always be a way of working it out.

Daytime and advanced classes continue to operate on a more flexible system: single sessions are £7, or students can purchase five classes for £30, to be used within 2 months. Cash, cheque or BACS payment are all accepted.

Attendance Policy

Yoga with Emma kept this as flexible as possible for the first year of business, enabling many local people to try yoga with very little commitment. As detailed under ‘Pricing’, in order to deal with high demand, many classes are gradually transitioning to a block booking system, which will require students commit to five consecutive classes at one time. More details about this are given in this news post.

In daytime classes, the system remains more flexible, but students in all classes are encouraged to be considerate. Holding a place - but not using it - does prevent a waiting student from joining a weekly yoga class, so please keep us informed of your plans. As of March 2019, every class has a waiting list, so it is nice if all the mats can be used.

‘Drop In’ Students

Most classes run at capacity with regular students. As detailed in the ‘Attendance Policy’, many classes are now managed through block bookings, so student spaces are saved and paid for. However, holidays, work and other commitments can keep students from getting to class every week and generally people are very good at letting us know when this happens. So if you fancy ‘dropping in’ for a class, please feel free to email as there may well be a space, which would be charged at £7 for a single session. This could also be useful if you have missed your normal weekly session.

Please note that drop in attendance from new Yoga with Emma students is subject to completion of the health and safety paperwork.

Transport and Parking

Yoga with Emma will try to keep classes going through changeable weather, but will inform students of necessary cancellations with as much notice as possible. Students are always encouraged to prioritise their safety, and not make journeys in unsafe winter weather.

Most venues have adequate parking nearby, but this may be in the form of a public car park or on-street parking, so please leave enough time to make your journey. Classes will never start late!

Lost Property

Yoga with Emma cannot take responsibility for any belongings that students may choose to bring to class.

However, there are occasions when a water bottle or yoga mat will be left behind. In these circumstances, any found item may be added to ‘Lost Property’ at the venue (should this be available) or it is most likely that the item will be retained for safe-keeping, and every effort made to return the item to the owner as soon as possible. Students are discouraged from bringing valuables to class.

Equipment, Kit and Clothing

Yoga mats, blocks, bricks, straps and blankets are all provided in all Yoga with Emma classes. Attendees are always very welcome to bring their own kit and many students like to bring their own yoga mat as they are used to using this.

Clothing should be comfortable and layers are encouraged as students are likely to warm up and cool down during the class. Some students have also found ‘grippy’ socks really useful! If you have any questions or would like recommendations on kit or yoga clothing, please don’t hesitate to ask.