Yoga in Milborne Port


Monday, 9.15am - 10.15am, Milborne Port Village Hall
Dyanmic Flow Yoga

Dynamic Flow yoga class, based on Vinyasa flow sequences, with a slightly faster pace and greater level of challenge: the opportunity to really wake up the body, stretch the muscles, and test your yoga skills. This class is more energetic, but includes functional stretches, breathing techniques and a lovely relaxation to end the session, so is still a great way to switch off. Some experience is needed for this class, but options are still given in tricky poses, so you can work to your level.

10.30am - 11.30am, Milborne Port Village Hall
Mixed-Level Flow

This class is open to all levels, including beginners, and focuses on giving all students the opportunity to benefit from yoga. The exercises in this class are a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa flow yoga, which involve sequences of poses and moving with the breath. We will work on developing strength and flexibility, so classes involve a physical challenge as well as a good stretch.


Milborne Port is not far out of Sherborne and many students travel into the village for these Monday mornings classes, as a great way to start the week! There is plenty of parking at Milborne Port Village Hall, which is on Springfield Road, Milborne Port, DT9 5RE. These daytime classes also benefit from a more flexible attendance policy, with students only paying for what they attend, although most are on the mat every week.

As with any fitness activity, you should consider the impact of yoga on your body and be mindful of any injuries or health conditions. In tricky poses, options are always given and we often use props to help find a comfortable way to achieve an exercise.


Email if you would like to book a place.