Corporate Yoga

Many of us are using yoga to help us manage our busy daily lives. Yoga classes can help reduce stress, switch off after a busy day, and stretch out the aches and pains from hours sat at desks, commuting or doing manual work.

Employers and businesses often work hard to look after employees’ health and wellbeing, with many offering staff activities, social events or fitness opportunities such as running clubs. More companies are now also giving colleagues the chance to try yoga. This might be a regular session at the end of the working day, using a large meeting room or other communal space, or it might be an occasional session as part of a training day or a team-building programme.

Yoga with Emma can offer a friendly, relaxed yoga session for your business, tailored to the needs of your employees. All equipment is provided and discounted classes are offered for onsite group sessions, subject to a guarantee of minimum numbers to cover costs. Email to find out more.